Toastmasters Public Speaking Training
to Prepare for Pharmaceutical Sales Careers

Can the public speaking training at such organizations as Toastmasters International help prepare individuals for pharmaceutical sales careers? As a former sales executive in the pharmaceutical industry and having experienced the Toastmasters program as a member, my answer would be yes.

Many individuals who want to pursue pharmaceutical sales or other sales careers have no prior experience in selling. This lack of experience often results in applicants not reaching even the interview stage with companies as many sales managers and recruiters do not bother with people who haven’t been in sales before. However, this isn’t always the case.

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For example, many top pharmaceutical sales representatives had zero sales experience before getting their first jobs in this field. I know representatives who came from past non-sales careers such as journalism, lab work and nursing. Some even came right out of college or university. What they all had in common were excellent communications skills which made up for the lack of actual sales backgrounds.

Above Communications Skills For Pharmaceutical Sales

If someone has above average communications skills and the right aptitude for a pharmaceutical sales career, he or she can be successfully trained in selling techniques by companies. Most companies with sales forces will have sales training departments internally or access to good professional training programs externally no matter what industry they are in.

In order to successfully compete with others who already have some sales experience, one must beef up his or her communications skills, especially with oral presentations in front of people. After all, sales jobs involve this type of activity whether to one customer at a time or to an entire group. This is where Toastmasters can step in to help.

Toastmasters Training

The public speaking training at Toastmasters involves watching and doing. Members learn by listening to other members speak and by speaking themselves in front of a group of people, all in a friendly, supportive environment. Members can start with short impromptu speeches called table topics or even actual toasts. They can then move onto doing prepared speeches which last several minutes.

Advanced members can conduct longer seminar type of projects. Some projects even have a sales tone even though Toastmasters is not really a sales training organization. Members are always given constructive feedback by fellow members in order to further develop and improve skills.

From my observations of other members developing over time at Toastmasters clubs, I can certainly say that the training one gets at Toastmasters definitely improves both communications skills and overall confidence when speaking in front of people which are necessary in the sales field.  The skills I learned at Toastmasters even helped me develop into a motivational keynote speaker.

I would recommend to those who want to pursue pharmaceutical sales careers or other sales fields that they should check out a few Toastmasters clubs in their own local areas as a visitor. Guests can always sit in at club meetings to see how the training can be of benefit. Toastmasters is a non profit organization so the cost of participating as a full member is very low. Visit the international Toastmasters website at to locate a club nearby.

The combination of excellent communications skills developed at a venue like Toastmasters plus knowing how to beat out your competition for the pharmaceutical sales jobs by learning the concepts in my book will definitely put you on the right track.

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