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Additionial Testimonials About Pharmaceutical
Sales Medical Drug Representative Careers
Book and Audio Program

Some of the comments from our customers who have purchased "How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales - Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager" are already on our main webpage. Here are some additional testimonials from even more customers who have benefited from Clint Cora's book and program. There is also a reader video on pharmaceutical careers.

"I bought a copy of Clint Cora's 'How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical
Sales' and I was really, really impressed.
 He really lays it out, makes it really
simple, breaks out
all the steps and he shows you how you can go from
wherever you are and get into pharmaceutical sales no matter what your
background. He covers what strategies
to use, how to write your resume,
how to write your cover
letters and how to conduct yourself in an
interview. I
just found it really helpful."

"I also got the MP3s so I could listen to it in my car on my iPod and it's
just great. I can get all the content,
listen to it while you're driving, on
your way to work,
on your way to pick up the kids -- really great, really
convenient. Lots of great information."

Natalie Darbyson, Montreal, QC

"I have found that the e-book on 'How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical
Sales' has been very helpful in just finding ways to network. I can't wait to
use more of what I have learned."

Lisa Popst, Manteca, CA

"I just wanted to say thank you for the publication I purchased from you recently.
I have had two interviews and one was with the district manager since
reading your work these past two weeks. I am thankful for your work as it
helped me better understand how pharma's recruit and also has helped
me better position myself with my resume."

Louis Pejlovas, Mesa AZ

"About to receive my B.S. in biology and wanting a career in pharmaceutical sales,
I really had no idea where to start.  Even though I live and attended school in
Indiana (home of Eli Lilly and dozens of smaller pharma and biological
companies) with a Pfizer plant in my hometown, college career counsellors
only gave me the age-old advice on resume prep and letter writing. No results
came from my registering at companies' careers websites or attending
college job fairs."

"While surfing, I came upon Clint Cora's website, and his approach was so
different from anything I had been told that I decided to order 'How To Get
A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales.'  Its style and structure permitted
me to read it in one day, and I immediately put into motion the strategies
it recommends."

"Clint's advice on analyzing one's past employment experiences (to find parallels
to what selling pharmaceuticals is really all about) led me to realize that one
of the responsibilities of my current part-time job is to influence others to
recommend my employer's services to their clients. Those 'others' in my
current setting are the physicians with whom I would be interacting as a
pharma rep. This realization allowed me to revamp my resume so as to
make very relevant what I previously considered nothing more than a
part-time college job."

"The chapter on cover letters provides meaningful examples which can be
tailored to anyone's personal situation. Finally, I found the book's specific
advice on networking and how to uncover existing job openings before
they are published to be squarely on the money.  Within 3 days of asking
a pharma rep I knew and my own physician for contact information on
pharma reps whom he thought performed their jobs well, I had a list
of 6 contacts. All 6 agreed to meet with me, and all 6 have provided both
solid advice on how to proceed and leads within their respective companies.
I feel I am on my way, and I owe it all to Clint's 'How To Get A Dream
Job In Pharmaceutical Sales'."

William Olah, Terre Haute, IN

"Thank you so much for taking the time to review my resume. It really let me
see from a manager's point of view exactly what they will be looking for and
what I need to include. I appreciate your time and input,
and your eBooks are fabulous."

Miranda Merten, Mableton, GA

"I really appreciate your help and guidance and found your
ebook to be extremely valuable and educational.  Thanks again."

Brian Beckner, Aliso Viejo, CA

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your e-book and audio guides on getting your
foot in the door for pharmaceutical sales jobs."

Leon Essig, Burwell, NE

"I think that it is a great book and an invaluable preparation tool for me
as I want to explore in the pharmaceutical sales work environment."

Carmen Ortiz , Caguas, Puerto Rico

"How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales has been truly beneficial
in aiding my quest to be a pharmaceutical representative. I found the
examples and explanations for styles of resumes and cover letter
information most helpful.
My previous resume just wasn't an adequate
representation of my sales and public speaking qualities. The chapters
on information interviews and telephone interviews were vital."

"I really wish I would have had this information prior to my first phone interview
with Pfizer. I would recommend this book to anyone who was changing career
paths. It is a step-by-step, easy to read manual that illustrates how to make
a smooth transition from any career to one in pharmaceutical sales."

Cheyenne Winters, San Angelo, TX

"I want to thank you first for the great book you've published and for all the
precious advice in it.  After reading your book, I feel more and more excited
about this field and truly look forward to a successful career in this field."

Francesca Gallorini , Palos Verdes, CA

"Thank you for this wonderful program, it is really very instrumental. Your
program is very well organized and helpful. It is so important to have this
kind of knowledge from those who have been in the industry. I will also
recommend it to my friends who are seeking to be in pharma sales.
I am sure I will land my dream job soon."

Mary George , San Diego, CA

"I enjoyed reading your book as it gave me a lot of
insight into the world of pharmaceutical sales."

Christine Schnirring, Loami, IL

"I would first like to state this book was an absolute joy to read, and I am so
glad I purchased this before blindly jumping into the industry. The material
was presented very well. It was easy to follow and read, and the chapters
were presented in a logical sequence.   I found the addition of your
personal experiences to be invaluable. I guess the whole e-book is your
personal experience, but when you reference an experience of
X or Y, it really drives a point home."

"I would personally like to comment on Chapters 6 to 10 ... WOW! In my
opinion, those four chapters alone are worth the $27 I paid! Your strategy,
insights and attention to detail on how to break into the industry are unlike
anything out there.  I have seen several web pages that claim to know this
and that, and might mention 'networking' but nothing like you present.  I feel
you have done an outstanding job on sharing this technique.  You covered
everything from A-Z, and I am going to follow your suggestions to the 'T'." 

"Mr. Cora, you give your customers tremendous value! I am convinced for the
e-book, it is the best priced info on the internet, possibly anywhere.  I thank
you for your efforts to create such a beneficial book.

James Bruce, Malabar, FL

"I  just wanted to thank you for the great product you put out.  I  was in the early
stages of education about the pharmaceutical industry when I found the
website talking about your book.  After reading it I felt as though I had a better
idea of what managers and employers in the industry were looking for.
The section on resumes really helped be establish the correct way to outline
my resume so that it would get looked at rather than tossed aside.  Thanks
again for all of the great information!!"

Luke Henning, Chandler, AZ

"What better way to get industry insider tips than from an industry professional
with over 14 years of experience. It is absolutely clear that Clint Cora has
established himself as a top career advisor in the field.  His clear and
concise writing style sets the record straight on matters relating to
effective job hunting strategies as well as sharing his own industry
experiences pertaining to the characteristics of an ideal Pharmaceutical
sales candidate.  Having held position of a hiring manager gives Clint an
absolute authority on the subject."

"While it might come as a shocking suprise to some, it is my opinion that
many will benefit from learning on what is required from a candidate pursuing
such a dynamic and competitive career in order to better themselves in
preparation.   Dont waste your time, get the book, do what's recomended
and you can consider you are already hired!"

Ben Babadzhano, Brooklyn, NY

"What a wonderful book you have written on entering the pharmaceutical field!
As someone exploring a career in this field, I found your book an invaluable
tool.  Well written and excellently organized, the book clearly details what it
means to be drug sales rep. Excellent tools helped me write a convincing
cover letter and dynamic resume, and your willingness to personally review
my resume was an immense help. Suggestions for networking with reps
and sales managers and tips on conducting a successful interview were
extremely valuable to me."

"I especially loved the many formats in which your book is available - hard
copy, e-book, CD, and e-audio. I bought them all! I think your personal touch
and obvious interest in each and every customer makes this book and audio
a real value and absolutely worth the money. Thanks, Clint. You did a
great job, and I just wanted you to know!"

Carol Siegel, Las Vegas, NV

"I highly recommend Clint Cora's book 'How to Get a Dream Job in
Pharmaceutical Sales' to anyone looking to get in the field. The book is
very informative and practical. The author did an excellent job putting together
key information about the industry and the pharmaceutical sales rep position.
The book offers step by step guidance and preparation for a successful job
landing; from networking to how to write a resume and a cover letter that gets
enough attention to be called for an interview.  All the knowledge needed for
a successful interview is found in this great book. The reader will feel safe
and confident when literally taken by the hand of this seasoned writer with many
years of successful practical experience in the sales, training and
management capacities of the pharmaceutical job."

"The book has been a significant help for me.  I have greatly enjoyed the
package of my selection with free bonuses, including the revision of my
resume.  I can tell that I am very pleased with my experience.  Clint Cora
provides excellence of service, fast shipping, immediate response and delivery
over the Internet.  All his products, website and communication methods
are of great quality for complete satisfaction."

Leyda Casali, Orlando, FL

"I enjoyed your book very much and I think it will be a very useful tool for me."

Nelson Frade, Montreal, Quebec

"Although aimed at those wanting to break into the pharmaceutical industry,
this book is also useful for experienced pharmaceutical reps who are either:
a) considering switching companies, b) wanting to re-enter the field after
trying something else for awhile, or c) recently unemployed due to layoffs
in a worsening economy."

"It has practical and easy-to-follow steps on getting into (or back into)
this lucrative field.  Not only was it a good refresher of stuff that I already
knew, but I also picked up a few smart tips that I hadn't thought of previously!"

Alex Wasylycia (former pharma rep), Edmonton, AB

"Clint Cora helped me create a stellar resume.  'How to Get A Dream Job
in Pharmaceutical Sales' simplified the very complex nature of putting
together a resume, gave wonderful techniques for handling interviews and
went step by step through a 'do able' game plan for landing my dream job."

"Clint helped me to tailor my resume to me, not me to a generic resume.
Thank you for giving me the confidence to move forward fast in my quest to
land my dream job. Your e-book was quick to download, easy to read
and easier to implement."

Rachel M. Banning, Wichita, KS

"Thanks so much for writing this book! I was so excited to read it that I literally
read it all in one day. Your unique approach to landing one of these highly
sought-after postions definitely makes me feel like I now have a leg up on
the competition. The book itself is worth twice what you charge for it!"

Kevin Mounce, Bloomington, IL

"I have read your book and it is indeed very informative and contains a lot of
useful information!  I can't get enough of it!  I found very useful information
and tips from the interview section too."

"I started sending out resumes since last year and haven't received any calls
until I had revised my resume. All your advice in the resume and cover letter
sections are TRUE and so USEFUL.  Thank you so much for creating a book
that is indeed very helpful and contains a lot of VERY healthy as
well as useful information."

Gigi Sityar, Burnaby, BC

"Clint’s eBook was a valuable asset in helping me break into a pharmaceutical
sales career. I really appreciated the fact that the content was easy to
understand and the basics were well explained. A better understanding of
how things work in pharmaceutical sales definitely gave me an edge
over my competition."

"Ultimately, the deciding factor for me to purchase the book was the resume
evaluation bonus. And, turns out, Clint did a great job at helping me tweak
my resume. My problem was to decide what should be left out. Clint gave
me the focus I needed to shorten and strengthen my resume."

"This book contains a step-by-step process on exactly how to land a
pharmaceutical rep job. Not only it provided me with the tools but the
answers to the 'whys' as well, so I understood clearly how the system works.
I also appreciated all the references and tips in the appendices."

Valerie Duggan, Boone, NC

"Reading Clint Cora's book has been an eye opening experience for me
even though I am a healthcare professional working in the medical field.
The book  offers road to success for those who are willing to give 100% in
pursuing this career path whether one already has medical sales experience,
no sales but medical experience or for those even without any sales
or medical experience."
"Even if one doesn't have the actual skill but has the potential, he provides
the map for the reader to be able to construct such skill if he or she has
that capability.  The strong innate desire he has for others to succeed is
rooted throughout his book and beautifully summarized on the last page.
Personally I know I am a better person from having benefitted from his
extraordinarily written book and would recommend it to anyone who is not
sure of their future career path but definitely wants to succeed by
staying within the medical industry."

Jenny Choi, Glen Burnie, MD

“This book is a must for anyone looking for direct insight on how to enter into
the pharmaceutical sales industry. Clint’s wide range of pharmaceutical
expertise not only gave me important industry specific knowledge, it gave
me an informed outlook on pharmaceuticals as well as inspired me start
my job hunting campaign.  Through the use of his detailed techniques I
was able to make industry contacts with local reps to learn more about
pharmaceutical sales in my area."

"When it was time for me to submit my resume for an analysis, I was pleased
to find out that Clint personally reviewed my resume and provided me with
tips that enabled me to think outside the box and zero in on what sales
managers are really looking for in a candidate. If you are seeking knowledge
on the pharmaceutical industry that will give you a competitive advantage,
then you must you must read this book now!” 

Joshua Rojas, Gulfport, MS

“I know that your advice is more applicable for people trying to get their first
break in the medical sales field. However, it worked for me, as well, being in
the field for 3.5 years, then trying to get to the next level. Your suggestions
helped me tremendously.   At first, I didn't use anyone's advice but my own
when I first started interviewing for new opportunities about a year ago. I only
made it to rounds 2-3 of interviews, then I was eliminated. I was so frustrated
because I have a good background.   I think it has to do with the fact that
medical sales jobs are tougher to get now -- whether you're a newbie or have
been in the field for years. Medical sales is simply more competitive than it
used to be and if a candidate isn't fully prepared for every step of the interview
process (from resume, cover letter, interview techniques, answering difficult
questions to ride alongs) then they are not going to get a job offer.

"I used your tips for interviewing and it especially helped me as I got to
interviews 5-7 with upper sales mgmt. In fact, this was the toughest set of
interviews I ever endured in my entire career and I couldn't have mastered
it without help.   Your tips were invaluable and set me up for success. You
give some of the most realistic and practical guidance out there compared to
others.   I was able to get a better job with a larger national company making
17k more than my last job, with even more potential for commissions on top
of that. In this economy? I'd say that's quite an accomplishment. Your
suggestions helped me to get a better job making more money! Thanks
again and feel free to quote me on whatever you want.  I highly recommend
Clint Cora for anyone wanting to get into pharma, device, or med sales

Kelly Bambrough, Medical Sales Rep, Gilbert, AZ

"I would like thank you for writing 'How To Get A Dream Job In
Pharmaceutical Sales'. I have read it cover to cover, and now refer to it
several times a day as I take the steps required to break into this industry.
Your writing is straightforward and provided an exceptional methodological
approach to understanding the role of pharmaceutical reps and how they
spend their days. The chapters focusing on interview questions are the
highlight of your book for me as they prompted thoughtful reflection of myself
and my skill set, strengthening my interviewing skills and ensuring I will
land the career I seek."

Scott Rasmussen, Toronto, ON

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