Resume for Professional Healthcare Sales
Pharmaceutical Sales Job Resume

In part 1 of this article, we looked at the first part of an effective resume for professional healthcare sales. This was a pharmaceutical sales job resume for Jane Doe. After her contact information and profile statement, the section summarizing her work experience would be next.

The work experience for Jane Doe is reproduced below.



ABC PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY -------------------- 2004-Present
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Somecity, Somestate

Managed a territory consisting of both specialist and family physicians. Developed specialist physicians into advocate speakers, worked on obtaining hospital drug formulary additions, conducted market research for marketing department and raised company profile in regional medical community.

  • Achieved higher growth levels than both national and regional levels in sales of all promoted products; some were more than double while one was highest in the company (55% growth in sales for Drug Z).

  • Achieved 'Gold' standing for top ten sales representatives nationally during last three years.

  • Successfully developed several key specialist speakers to advocate level in the areas of cardiology and nephrology in the Somestate region.

    BIG PHARMA COMPANY ---------------------------------------- 2003-2004
    Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
    Somecity, Somestate

    Managed and organized general sales territory, informed physicians/pharmacists of company drugs, detailed relevant clinical studies related to drugs/therapeutic issues and organized continuing medical education events.

  • Turned one of the lowest performing territories into one of the highest (won Director of Sales Award), achieved highest growth (62%) for Drug X sales in the region.

  • More than doubled the physician customer base for Big Pharma products by successfully expanding into specialties previously not serviced by previous reps.

  • Initiated a new medical education program that eventually served as a model across the country.

    SOMECITY CELLULAR ------------------------------------------------- 2002
    Sales Agent
    Somecity, Somestate

    Sold cellular communications equipment/services as sales agent for major provider in Somecity.

  • Won Sales Agent of the Month three separate times.


    As one can see from her work experience above, Jane is a very accomplished pharmaceutical healthcare sales representative with numerous successes with two different pharmaceutical companies. Her prior sales job before pharmaceuticals already showed that she had big potential in sales.

    image pharmaceutical sales healthcare sales resume

    In her present position, she is already doing some activities that hospital specialist representatives would be doing. An example would be developing advocate speakers. With her exposure to a few different medical specialties, this resume would help position Jane well for a more senior sales role either within her present company or with another one.

    As mentioned in part 1 of this article, this resume would be appropriate for those who are after promotions within the same industry. For those who have never been in pharmaceutical healthcare sales, a different focus would be required in a resume and this is fully covered in the book "How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales - Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager".

    The next section of Jane's resume outlines her education and other skills which is covered in part 3 of this article.

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