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Pharmaceutical Sales Printed Softcover Book
and Audio CD Program

The book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager” is available as a printed softcover book as well as an audio CD program.

Pharmaceutical Sales Printed Softcover Book

If you prefer to have an actual printed book rather than just an ebook version readable only on the computer screen, this option is available to you.

The printed version has exactly the SAME CONTENT as the original ebook version except since a different font is used for print, the same 23 chapters and 5 appendices now fit into 137 pages of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch softcover book. To review the content of what’s covered in the book again, see the yellow section on our main webpage.

image Pharmaceutical Sales Printed Softcover Book audio cd program

Through a special limited time special package rate of $29, we will send you a copy of this softcover. In addition, you will also receive our usual bonuses that normally come with our downloadable packages which are;

Custom evaluation of your resume by Clint Cora
“Basic Primer In Pharmaceutical Selling Techniques”
“Pharmaceutical Overview of Medical Specialties”
"Real Life Case Studies In Pharmaceutical Sales"

But we won't stop there - we will also add in for FREE, a copy of The Life Champion In You also by Clint Cora.  This is his book on personal development to help you achieve your goals.  Both softcover book will be personally signed by the author.

This is like two books for one but we will offer this package only for a limited time!  Order below further down the webpage.

pharmaceutical sales bookpharmaceutical sales book

We will e-mail you the three bonus ebook guides. The shipping of the printed book to your address is FREE if located within the US or Canada (there is a $10 shipping charge for orders under $35 for international customers).

This book is also available at, Barnes & Noble, as well as other online retailers (just click one of their links below - enter Clint Cora in their search box if required) and you are more than welcome to purchase it from them but keep in mind that if you choose to go that route, you will NOT receive the four bonuses above nor the limited two for one books offer.  You may also have to pay shipping as well if buying from an online retailer such as Amazon.

image personal development self help books cds motivational author clint cora amazon        image personal development self help books cds motivational author clint cora barnes noble        image personal development self help books cds motivational author clint cora chapters indigo

You can also get this book from your local bookstore if you give them the ISBN number 978-0-9809190-0-4 and ask them to order it in from a book distributor like Ingram International.

To order directly from us, click on the shopping cart graphic further down this page below to order this special package which includes the printed softcover book, the three bonuses and FREE shipping within US/Canada.

Pharmaceutical Sales Audio CD Program

If you don't have high speed internet access to download the large audio files and/or want CDs, you can order our audio CD program from us.  This CD set contains over five and a half hours of audio on six CDs PLUS the ebook text version as a bonus seventh CD!  These CDs contain standard audio tracks rather than MP3s so they will be playable in any car or standalone CD system.

The price for this huge audio/ebook 7 CD set is just $57.  Shipping of your CD program to you is FREE if sent by letter rate for all customers worldwide.  Click on the shopping cart graphic further below to order just the audio CD program.

pharmaceutical sales audio cd program

Combination Pharmaceutical Sales Printed Book CD Package

Want the printed softcover book and the audio CD set? The total price for these items separately plus the value of the free bonuses would have been about $240 but you can have a special combined package for only $67 which is an incredible savings.

Click on the graphic for this combination best valued package below. Please note that the book and audio CD program are sent separately but shipping is still FREE for all customers worldwide for this combo package.

The graphics below will add your items of choice to our secure online shopping cart. 

Printed Book/Audio CD Combo = $67 US/Cad 

Limited Time Printed Book Offer Only = $29 US/Cad 

Audio CD Program Only (with eBook) = $57 US/Cad 

One On One Telephone Consultations

If you find that after going through the program that you would like to have a one on one telephone consultation with Clint Cora, this service is available. 

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