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Here are some common pharm sales questions and answers by Clint Cora, a former national pharmaceutical sales manager.

What does a pharm sales rep do?

"Pharm sales reps promote the use of their company’s drug products to medical professionals including physicians, pharmacists and nurses. They also make sure that pharmacies have adequate stock of their company’s drug products on the shelves."

"The term pharm sales rep is also interchangeable with such terms as pharma rep, pharmacuetical sales representative, drug representative and sometimes medical sales rep. But medical sales could also mean the sales of medical equipment and devices rather than drugs."

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What qualifications do I need in order to become a pharm sales rep?

"Normally, a college or university degree is required plus excellent communications skills."


Do I need a science background for pharm sales?

"No, one doesn’t necessarily have to have a science degree as there have been many people who entered the pharmaceutical sales industry from many various backgrounds including degrees in business and arts. But having said that, you better have the capacity to learn the medical science that will be required to sell pharmaceuticals."

"Training departments of pharma companies will train their pharma reps in all aspects of the science that is required. A prior science background will be helpful but is not absolutely required."


Would I need sales experience to get into pharm sales?

"Again, much like a science background, sales experience would be helpful but is not absolutely necessary. If you can demonstrate that you have excellent communications skills as evidenced by other prior activities and have the aptitude for sales, you can become a pharmaceutical sales rep. The company pharmaceutical sales training departments will train new reps on how to effectively sell their products to healthcare professionals."

"Of course, somebody with a proven sales history will be a top candidate for a pharma sales position but others without prior sales experience can also get into the field successfully provided that their communications skills are above average."


How much money can I make as a pharm sales representative?

"The potential is a lot. Recent graduates without any experience could start in the mid $30,000s to $40,000s but after a few years, this level can easily go to $50,000s to $70,000s. Bonuses for high performers can push overall incomes to six figures. Don’t forget the other perks that come with the job like company car, travel and excellent company benefits. A company car package alone is worth a few thousand dollars."


Do drug reps get company cars?

"Big pharmaceutical companies will usually have fleet company cars for their sales forces. Small companies with smaller sales forces may not have fleet company cars but in these cases, they will give you a car allowance if you drive your own vehicle on the job. It will still end up being a financial perk."


What is the best way to find and apply for pharm sales positions?

"Of course one can always apply online to companies, recruiters and use resume distribution services but the main problem here is that everyone else will be using that same route as well. The potential of getting lost in the masses is extremely high. This is one of the major reasons why many people find the pharma industry so tough to break into. There is a high demand for the available openings out there resulting in fierce competition for jobs."

"The better way for people to find and get pharma sales jobs is to network with the right people who have the power to hire you or who can give a personal recommendation to get you hired. It’s more work this way but there is significantly less competition. A lot of individuals will at first find this route too challenging since it is much easier to submit applications online these days. But the online shotgun distribution route will usually not get you very far."

"Getting in the trenches to get to the right people is actually a sales type of activity and if you went through that trouble to get your name and resume in front of a hiring sales manager, that person will be impressed."


How does one start an effective job search then?

"The first step is to get the proper knowledge on the best ways to prepare and conduct your campaign. You want to be fully prepared before you get yourself in front of industry people and you want to know the best routes to the jobs."

"My book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager” includes a master checklist of 115 action steps that one should take in order to conduct the most effective job hunting campaign in the pharmaceutical sales industry. This is inside knowledge from someone who hired, trained and managed actual pharm reps."

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