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Here's a tip from a pharmaceutical sales rep resume sample shown in my book that will surely impress recruiters and sales managers. An objective statement is useful on your resume to state your position early on. However, most people simply just state their desire or intention to get a specific job which is already mentioned in a cover letter.

I would recommend that you take an extra step for resumes especially if you are going after that dream job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Such an example of an objective statement with the extra step is as follows;


To begin a successful career in pharmaceutical sales with a dynamic company. To utilize my excellent communication and selling skills to help contribute to a company by increasing sales levels of its pharmaceutical products in a given territory.


The above objective statement for this pharmaceutical sales representative resume was structured so that it’s not just only stating the desire to get a drug representative job. This objective statement also briefly tells the reviewer what the candidate intends to do for a drug company. The candidate is specifically saying that with his or her skills, he/she intends to increase sales for a company’s territory. This definitely makes recruiters and sales managers want to read on with their full attention rather than just quickly glance over your pharmaceutical sales rep resume.

Many more useful tips including pharmaceutical sales rep resume samples can be found in the book, "How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales - Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager".

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