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After graduating with science and MBA degrees as well as a few years working in the high technology sector, pharmaceutical sales management executive Clint Cora made a switch to pharmaceuticals. Clint started his career with Searle Pharmaceutical as a rep in Winnipeg calling on family/general practice physicians in 1990 and turned one of the lowest performing territories into one of the highest winning him a Director of Sales award.

He was then promoted to become a specialist pharmaceutical sales rep in the teaching hospitals in Toronto which is the most influential medical center in Canada. In this position, he also developed key medical speakers and advocates among some of the top specialist physicians. He more than doubled the user base for his products while working in the teaching hospital system. Over the next few years, Clint continued to win awards for high sales achievements.

After having been a successful sales rep, Clint was promoted to pharmaceutical sales management first as a product marketing manager. In this position, he designed unique pharmaceutical marketing programs to help grow the sales of various drug products in his portfolio.

Clint also had duties as a trainer for pharmaceutical sales reps. After his marketing and training roles, Clint went on to become a national sales manager where he was responsible for hiring and managing an elite team of specialty pharma reps across the country.

After a very successful fourteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, Clint decided to start his own businesses. One of his projects was the book, "How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales - Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager" written to help others get their start in a pharmaceutical sales career.  This book now comes in both text and audio versions.  Clint also offers a one on one telephone consultation service for readers of his book.

Clint also maintains the Pharmaceutical Sales Drug Representative Bulletin blog.  Many more of his articles on pharmaceutical sales can be accessed at the site map link at the bottom of this page.  Clint has been quoted in industry publications such as Drug Representative magazine and the website.  He has also produced a very informative 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers which is an online seminar presentation that should not be missed.

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Clint is also a martial arts world champion and motivational speaker.


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