Using Diversity Skills For
Pharmaceutical Sales Interviews

Pharmaceutical sales and pretty well all sectors of the health care field in much of North America and other parts of the world are becoming more and more diverse each year.  Not only is the patient population getting more diverse, but so is the professional demographic in health care.   Therefore, it makes sense that given the increase in multiculturalism, having good diversity skills would make you a stronger candidate for pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Diversity skills refer to the ability to work and communicate well with all sorts of people from different backgrounds.   The differences can be cultural, racial, religious, ethnic, lifestyle or regional.   Those people who are handicapped or of different sexual orientations are also included here.   The ability of being able to deal with all types of people is a definite personal asset to have in any health care job.

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Powerful Pharmaceutical Sales Interviews Strategy

One of the most powerful strategies that one can ever use during a pharmaceutical sales job interview involves diversity skills.  If you have ever been successful in a past work situation or a volunteer activity where you interacted with people who were different from you, then you could claim this as a success story.

For example, let’s say you had to interact with a particular ethnic group for a sales project.  If you were successful in landing them as an account, this can be considered a diversity skills success story.  If you have been successful in working in company projects with people from different racial backgrounds, this can also be a success to talk about.

One of the things that many companies will be looking for these days in potential pharmaceutical sales representatives is whether one can work in a diverse environment.  Many health professional including doctors and pharmacists will be of different nationalities.  

Show Diversity Skills During Pharmaceutical Sales Interviews

If you have been successful with diversity in the past, then you should be forward and volunteer that fact during a pharmaceutical sales interview.  You should clearly state that you have great diversity skills that allow you to work with people from all walks of life no matter how different they are.  You should support your claims with interesting past examples of diversity successes to prove your point.  

If you haven’t had much interaction with people who are different from you and therefore have a lack of diversity success stories, then it’s time to start building them.  Either in your present work or with an extracurricular activity or a volunteer position, try to find opportunities to work with others who come from different backgrounds than you.  Start building a set of diversity successes that also help you develop your own skills.

Most of your competition will likely not be proactive with specifically diversity success stories during pharmaceutical sales job interviews.  So if you come out with such information about yourself, it will really help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.  It will be a very powerful strategy to use given the world of diversity we all live and work in these days.  And this just helps you become a stronger candidate for a position with a pharmaceutical company or any health care organization.

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