Nurse Transitions Into Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

If you are a nurse who will be switching careers to work in the field of pharmaceutical sales reps, there will be some transitions to consider. Fortunately, the medical science part of pharmaceutical sales will be quite easy for you since you already know the anatomy and physiology required. Any pharmacology and specific product knowledge will be covered in your company’s training program.

The actual selling skills will be new to you but assuming that you were hired because of your excellent communications skills in addition to your clinical knowledge, learning to sell shouldn’t be too much of a problem as your training program will also teach you how to effectively sell your new company’s pharmaceutical products.

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Other Changes For Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

The other changes that you will have to make in your career transition include wardrobe. Rather than wearing typical nursing attire, you will have to possibly upgrade your wardrobe to include a good supply of business attire. This may require an investment on your part to look like you belong in a team of pharmaceutical sales reps.

You will have to adjust to driving around all day looking for addresses of doctor’s offices. Overnight travel may also be part of your territory. So rather than being in a single workplace indoors such as in a hospital all day, you will have to be on the road no matter what the weather conditions are in your area.

You will be working on your own for 95% of your time without any other company people around. You will also be setting up most of your own schedule from week to week. This is why there is so much independence involved in pharmaceutical sales but you must be able to motivate yourself to be productive on your own.

These days, much of the administrative work required by pharmaceutical sales reps will likely be done on a computer so you will have to get used to using more technology if you haven’t already been doing so on your own.

Finally, as any experienced pharmaceutical sales reps will tell you, you have to be ready to take rejections from customers and their staff since not everybody out there will be receptive to your company’s products. That’s just reality in the world of sales. This is where your aptitude for sales comes in as you must be able to work with potentially difficult customers.

But once you are able to successfully make the transition from nursing to a pharmaceutical sales career, you can finally say goodbye to lifting patients, cleaning bedpans and doing nightshifts. See the video on Nurses as the Pharma Rep.

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