Working as a Drug Rep During Winter Months

Up in Canada where the temperatures are currently in deep freezes, it’s the time of year when it could be a bit tough working as a drug rep in the pharmaceutical industry. Making calls to doctors and pharmacies is still the big part of the job no matter what the weather is outside. Fortunately, company cars are fairly comfortable and the time walking outside from the cars to the medical buildings are short.

The one tough thing that I found when I was working as a drug rep during the winter all those years was keeping winter coats and suit pant legs from getting too dirty. Winter conditions, particularly in the cities, can make cars very dirty and I found that when reps get in and out of their cars, as well as work from their trunks to get more selling materials, they often brush up against parts of their vehicles that are dirty. Therefore the challenge of keeping one’s attire clean during the winter months.

Early in my career in Winnipeg, Canada, where the temperatures can drop to minus 30s Celcius (that’s 30 degrees below freezing), one particular drug rep didn’t care much for looks and decided to wear his snowmobile suit over his business wear. Interestly enough, nobody else was surprised. I guess when the temperatures go that far down, anything to keep warm is reasonable.

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