Women’s Healthcare Field Was Interesting

As described in the last blog post and video about the pharmaceutical sales management case study in the women’s healthcare field, I was directly involved in this therapeutic area for a number of years during my career.

It was an interesting time with interesting products.  I promoted as a pharmaceutical sales rep and/or product manager an oral contraceptive, a prenatal vitamin, a hormone replacement therapy drug (which was the product in that case study) and a vaginal moisturizer product.

The main physicians called on for this area included family physicians, gynecologists, obstetricians and endocrinologists.  There was an emphasis on female physicians as well among the family doctors we called on since they generally saw more female patients than male physicians.  I also called on many nurses who counselled female patients a lot, particularly in the obstetrics area.

Quite often, I would be the only male sitting in a waiting area full of female patients in such doctors’ offices.  I would get the occasional stare or question from female patients as to why I was there and I gladly responded with pride that I was involved in women’s healthcare.  This was always received with positive vibes from patients once they found out who I was.  Maybe it was the lure of possible free samples I offered to the clinics.

The interesting thing is that even though I was often the only male in these medical clinics, I never felt uncomfortable or out of place.  I think the reason for this is that pharmaceutical sales management had us well trained and positioned to be an important member of the overall team in women’s healthcare which was a very important field.

I had a role and the overall objective was to help these female patients with our products.  I was proud of our pharmaceutical products and was convinced that they were the best in their categories.  This of course, helped a great deal in pharmaceutical sales.

To learn more about the overall field, see my webinar in pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

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