Womens Healthcare Drug Rep Case In Pharmacutical Sales

#healthcare #women #pharma —-  One of the biggest areas in pharmaceutical sales is in womens healthcare.  Here is another real life drug rep case study from the field that I’m pulling out from my years in the industry.  This case looks at a sales scenario in the hormone replacement therapy market for menopausal women.   I should mention of course that professional drug reps in pharmacutical sales are expected to be able to promote products in either womens or mens healthcare.

The market leader in hormone replacement therapy or HRT for short, had been a blockbuster for years but later it was made more publicly aware that the product is derived from hormones extracted from horse urine. As more and more women were becoming more eco-friendly, this news did not go over too well with many of them.

At the same time, a pharmaceutical company re-introduced a rather dormant product that was a hormone replacement drug to compete with the market leader. Both drugs relieved menopausal discomfort symptoms such as hot flushing in female patients. But the interesting thing about this re-introduced drug was that rather than being derived from horse urine, it was sourced from a soybean plant.

Chemically, it was altered to be identical to the estrogen hormone found in humans. So in essence, this drug was considered more ‘natural’ or more ‘green’ than the market leader.  Like many other products in other industries, the ‘going green’ movement also happens in the pharmacutical sales world as well.

So we have a blockbuster drug that has been in the number one position as the most prescribed HRT product by physicians for menopausal patients and a challenger that is more natural.  In the next blog post, I’ll go into more detail on how this interesting market battle played out for the drug reps who promoted the challenger.

Again, don’t be surprised to see female drug reps out there promoting products in mens health and male drug reps promoting drugs for women.  As a male pharma rep, I’ve promoted specialty drugs in both therapeutic areas.  Your specific gender is not a requirement for being a drug rep.  I do discuss the actual requirements in my pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar which you are free to access.

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