Why I Declined College Article On Pharmaceutical Reps

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Article On Pharmaceutical Reps

I was contacted earlier this week by a college student who was writing an article for a campus magazine.  She wanted to write about the changing world of pharmaceutical reps and in her initial email to me, she listed several of her questions.

She asked if it was possible to either contact me by phone or have me answer those questions by email.  I looked at the questions and they were pretty straight forward except for one about pharmaceutical regulations.  So I asked for further clarification on that one.

This student replied on email with more detail on the new pharmaceutical regulations that came in effect in the USA for pharmaceutical reps and these were nothing new since we’ve had them here in Canada for many years.

It wouldn’t have been a problem at all to answer this question on how it affects pharmaceutical reps as well as her other questions.  So I emailed her back to grant her an interview and to save her some costs, I said we could do this via Skype.

Declined Help With Pharmaceutical Rep Article

She came back to me and insisted that I write out the answers and email them back to her as she was on a tight deadline and a full time student.

Well, hello — I run a full time business as an event speaker and do not have the time to write out the answers which do require some detail and clarity.  I could have easily answered these questions during an interview instead.

This college student obviously forget that if she wanted input from somebody who was a hiring pharmaceutical sales manager, a 14 year veteran from the industry and an author of a successful book on helping others to become pharmaceutical reps, she would have to accommodate me somehow, not the other way around.  In the world of business, it’s always about accommodating others and what you can do for the other party rather than just meeting your own needs.

Therefore, I had to send my regrets to tell this college student that I would not be able to help her with her questions about pharmaceutical reps after all.  She certainly has a lot to learn about careers and the business world.

Putting the emphasis on positioning yourself as somebody who is primarily interested in helping a company rather than on yourself is the proper thing to do when going after a job as a pharmaceutical rep.  To learn more about this field, see my free pharmaceutical rep careers webinar.

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  • The world owes students a living and don’t you forget it!

    Apologies for sarcasm but, like you, I am fed up to the back teeth with students thinking that because they’ve a bit more paper than other, they are superior. Well, pardon me for having worked for a living!

  • Thanks for your comment Jas. I’ve got more paper than this student plus an entire career’s worth of experience. She had to accommodate me – – not the other way around!