Weekend Public Speaking Skills at Mississauga Toronto Toastmasters Club

I’ve mentioned on various occasions that improving public speaking skills through Toastmasters clubs will definitely help many people in getting pharmaceutical sales jobs (as well as other positions that require good communications skills).

For those in the Mississauga and Toronto area looking for Toastmasters clubs but can’t find any time during the work week, there’s a new Toastmasters club in Mississauga that meets twice per month on Saturday mornings. The name of this club is Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters and they meet at 9:30 am during the first and third Saturdays of each month.

If you can benefit from learning great communications as well as leadership skills and have nothing better to do on lazy Saturday mornings, go and check out this great Mississauga Toronto public speaking skills resource. There’s no more excuse for not being able to attend a Toastmasters meeting during the week since there is now a weekend alternative for the Mississauga and Toronto communities.

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  • when i were in high school, i am always afraid of public speaking,.”

  • Most people are afraid of public speaking. I too was dreadfully shy at an early age. But the benefits of picking up speaking skills are unquestionable. I would suggest Toastmasters as a safe way to develop such skills.

  • i think everyone would have an anxiety attack during public speaking. publick speaking requires a good deal of self-confidence’,*

  • i think that everyone have a fear of public speaking in one way or another ‘::