Weaker Communications Skills Among Millenials Bad For Pharmaceutical Sales

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Communications Skills Among Millenials For Pharmaceutical Sales

In my observation of the younger generation millenials or generation Y population, I’ve noticed that they are extremely technology savy.  Young people in this age range are very comfortable with computers, cell phone applications and the internet.  However, I’ve also noticed that all this tech savy often comes at the expense of interpersonal communications skills which are extremely important for pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Although drug representatives have to use more technology these days in their day to day work now (mainly to track sales calls, drug samples and access to territory sales data), they still have to sell and promote their company’s drug products to doctors and other health professionals.  This selling and promotion is still done face to face.

Millenials in general, use more text applications, cell phone time and email for communicating than older generations.  Actual face to face interpersonal communications are used less, with the exception of time with friends of course.  Indeed, there has been a huge shift in the way younger people communicate with each other and also with other people because of technology.

As a result, many millenials have weak interpersonal communications skills.  Of course I’m generalizing since there are millenials out there who do have great communications skills but I’m just finding that this is becoming less and less common among this younger generation.  In fact, I’ve had many face to face interactions with college student leaders during my time as a college speaker whom can’t even look me in the eye during a conversation or keep up with an extended conversation without them stumbling — and these are the student leaders!  I could only imagine what the rest of the college student body is like in terms of interpersonal communications skills.

Pharmaceutical Sales Requires Strong Communications Skills

So this all may imply that among millenials, it will be harder for them to get pharmaceutical sales positions or any corporate sales job since these positions must involve strong interpersonal communications skills.  In a way, there is less competition for drug representative positions since many candidates will not make the short list because of weak communications skills.

So what I would suggest if you want to land a pharmaceutical sales job especially if you are a millenial, is to make darn sure that your interpersonal communications skills are strong.  Tech skills are nice to have but pharmaceutical companies will train sales forces what is required for the job in terms of technology.  But any candidates they hire must already have excellent communications skills.

Make sure that your resume reflects past history of activities whether in past work experience or volunteer postings that you have shown strong interpersonal communications skills whether you have had actual sales experience or not.  In fact, it is even more crucial to show communications skills successes if you have little sales experience to show for in your resume.

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