Want A Pharmaceutical Sales Job? Learn From The Best

#jobs #sales #employment #careers #pharmaceutical  —  If you want a pharmaceutical sales job knowing that there is a ton of competition out there, it makes perfect sense to learn how to go about this from the best people.  If you want to learn how to ski, you learn from a ski instructor.  If you want to learn how to invest your money properly, you learn from somebody who has done well in the investment arena.

If you want to train your dog right, you learn from a professional dog trainer.  If you want to learn how to speak a new language, you learn from somebody who speaks that language on a daily basis.

Learn From The Best Sources For Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

So if you want to get a pharmaceutical sales job, it only makes sense to learn from the best type of person out there who has the right experience working in the industry.  And because of all the intense competition out there, it doesn’t make sense to try and go about things yourself since you often get only one shot with the pharmaceutical companies out there.  Once you end up with no call for an interview, that’s it for that position as it will be filled.  You can’t afford to make mistakes when applying for these jobs.

Your Expert In Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

I was in the pharmaceutical industry for fourteen years starting out as a sales representative and worked up through the ranks to be a trainer who trained pharmaceutical sales forces.  I then became a product marketing manager and finally a national sales manager who was responsible for doing the actual hiring and managing of drug representatives.

This should say a lot to you especially the part about my past experience hiring pharmaceutical sales people.  If you want a pharmaceutical sales job, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to do it from somebody who has actually been responsible for hiring such folks?

Learn from the best source which is a sales manager since this is the level of person in the industry who will be making the final calls on any new hires.  To get the right start, take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Anthony Quintano

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