Video On Pharmaceutical Sales Strategy For Drug Representatives

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I hope you enjoyed the last two weeks of blog posts where I shared various real life cases from my years in the pharmaceutical industry.  Now, I’m going to start posting video versions of these cases which might give you another perspective.  The first one is a video on pharmaceutical marketing and sales strategy for drug representatives.

This video will show the common scenario when drug representatives promote newer versions of medications that have already been on the market for many years.  Physicians are usually very familiar with these drugs but because of cost sensitivities, especially those who see a lot of patients in low income brackets, resist using the newer versions because they cost more.

This is a common objection in the world of pharmaceutical sales and all drug representatives must be trained to deal with it.  In fact, cost will often come up during calls on doctors a few times each day.  Pharmaceutical marketing and training departments usually have good ways for the drug reps to deal with the cost objection.

One of the keys is to help the physicians identify the problem patients who are not being successfully treated with the older versions of drug because of inconvenient dosing regimens and other possible factors.  Once doctors agree with the existence of such patients, the drug reps can position their newer products to help address these problem patients.

The video mentions two of my websites. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, check out my webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers.  If you are already working in the industry and would like to explore the possibility of having me come as a guest speaker at one of your meetings, see my speaking programs and seminars website.

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  • shakeef

    hello sir
    im a medical promotion delegate in one of multi national company. your videos are very much useful to my career, thanks alot. i need a very big help from you.
    im handling vaccines for my company, earlier days it was always beyond the targer, but now health infrastructure has been impoved and there are so many measures has been taken by the government. so the vaccine business has face little bit down. could you please let me know what are measure can i take to overcome this issues???
    thank u..

  • I wasn’t sure if you meant for yourself or for your company in general. But assuming if it’s for yourself, keep networking with others in different companies and related fields just in case you need to jump over to another position.