Video On Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs During Recession

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Although there are some signs that we are beginning to recover from the tough economy recession, many people are still finding it hard to find jobs, including pharmaceutical sales representative jobs during this period.  Companies went through layoffs and may not be in a position to hire just yet.

However, it is during these tougher times that you should definitely begin your industry networking activities despite the fact that they may not be in a position to hire just yet.  Recessions are like business cycles.  They come and go and things go up and down.  We are still in a down period but this doesn’t mean that you should be idle in terms of activity towards landing your dream job in pharmaceutical sales.

Ideally, people such as sales managers and existing drug reps who are in a position to refer you to their managers, hire those candidates whom they feel comfortable with.  The best way to do this is start building a relationship with them now through information interviews and casual meetups.

When things turn around in the economy and companies are in a position to hire for their sales forces again, you will be at the top of the list since you are already a known entity.  If you did not do any networking activity and elected to make yourself known through normal job applications at the time the companie start posting job positions, then you will be lost among all the hundreds of other people who are also candidates for pharmaceutical sales representative jobs.  Instead of being up at the top, you will be lost within the huge pile of other resumes.

So there is a lot of ground work that you can do during tough economy recessions.  You can certainly start the process of turning yourself into a top notch candidate for drug rep positions if you make yourself known now rather than later.  Most people will wait and they will end up having to compete with everyone else.

See the video below where I talk about this quite directly.

It is also important to educate yourself as much as possible about the industry during a recession.  Networking is a must and to get you started, take my free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales representative jobs.

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  • Jenny


    This is an excellent blog posting for me as I’m sure you previously have referred me to check it out. In the midst of developing my network, I say to myself “You want everyone in the industry to know that you’re a top candidate in line to be hired” as you stated in your audio clip. Having a true seasoned expert local PR as a contact does offer a comfort zone that I cannot actually describe in words and especially so due to the hard economy where getting a job is almost next to impossible.