Video On Nurses And Other Customers In Medical Sales Jobs

Yes, pharmaceutical medical sales jobs involve calling on doctors but for many important therapeutical areas, it is not only the doctors who can have a huge impact on sales of products and drugs.  I learned during my own career that in many instances, it’s the nurses who have a lot of influence when it comes to what patients are actually prescribed and using.

I discussed this interesting aspect of medical marketing in previous blog posts particularly in a unique case study involving cancer clinic nurses who spend time with patients going through radiation treatments.  The doctors do not have enough time to counsel these patients for all specifics of their treatment and post-treatments so this job is left to the nurses who are more than qualified for this task.

Each patient gets a one to one session and probably a number of follow up sessions as well during the whole treatment process.  One thing that is done during these sessions with the nurses is that they recommend certain products that patients should use as part of their treatments.  This is the reason why nurses have the influence in terms of sales of certain medical products.

When I was a medical sales rep, I actually enjoyed calling with nurses.  They were often eager to learn about our products as well as any patient information materials we can give them so they can use during their counselling sessions with the patients.  We would often go through important clinical studies that involved our products just like they were physicians and they really appreciated this since we were treating them as health professionals right up there with doctors.

The benefits for our company were great too as we enjoyed more coverage of our products than if we only promoted to doctors.  Quite often a fuller coverage to include nurses made a significant positive impact on sales.  Below is the video I created to talk about this scenario involving nurses and other customers in medical sales jobs.  Also check out my free webinar on medical sales careers if this field interests you.

The video is also at

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