Trying To Promote To Pharmaceutical Companies

I had dinner with a friend who is currently trying to promote a general sales course to companies last night. He said that he wasn’t getting very far in trying to convince many corporations that have sales forces to take on his program. This included a few pharmaceutical companies he called on.

I wasn’t surprised since companies with sales forces tend to have their own sales training departments already and even if they were to bring in outsiders for sales seminars, they would probably want former sales stars from their own industry.

Sometimes there is value in bringing in individuals from other industries to see what they have done to become successful in their fields. In these cases, it is hoped that there might be some fresh ideas to be learned that can be adopted in the pharmaceutical sales field.

So my friend with just a generic general sales program will not get very far in most companies, particularly pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical sales departments will always tell him that their sales forces already know how to sell and that they would only be interested in outside seminars that are very specialized. I told him that his best market will be individuals or maybe companies with little or zero experience in sales.

I also explained to him what’s behind my educational products as well. He thought that they were pharmaceutical sales training products but I told him that they were not. The book and audio program from “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager” is designed to help outsiders get jobs as pharmaceutical representatives, not to train them on pharmaceutical selling techniques. I give them enough background knowledge about the industry so that candidates can have an intelligent conversation with pharmaceutical sales managers. I’ll leave the actual training of sales techniques to the training departments once candidates get hired.

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