Towards Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

If one hopes to become a senior pharmaceutical sales representative calling on mostly specialists one day, one must perform well first as a rep that has been calling on family physicians. One thing that might help get a pharmaceutical sales representative an edge during the first few years on the job is to get some selling experience with specialist doctors.

Sales territories that include some specialists will help one get that experience, especially when there are opportunities to do some medical education events with these specialists. Such territories usually included more rural areas and smaller towns or cities. Pharmaceutical sales representatives working in the large metropolitan cities might not have a chance to work with specialists since their sales forces’ senior reps will probably already be calling on the city specialists. Therefore, if given a choice of new territories to work in, newer pharmaceutical sales reps may want to consider territories that include rural areas that have some specialists to get that type of selling experience. This will help towards a future senior pharmaceutical sales position.

For information on getting that first job in the first place, see Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Positions.

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