Too Many Sales Job Resumes At Human Resources Departments

I was talking to someone who went to a networking meeting at the University of Toronto the other day and he told me that a few graduates sent in their resumes to the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca. They sent their resumes to the Human Resources department. This person I talked to told me that he heard from a contact at the Human Resources department say that they get tons of resumes that come in every day. It was no surprise that these graduates said that they were getting nowhere with their applications.

This is yet another example of why submitting to HR often ends up with very poor results for sales job applicants. There are just too many other resumes being thrown in at the same time at HR. Too much competition in order to get yourself noticed.

This is why as a former hiring sales manager, I always recommend using alternative routes directly to the people who have the power to hire you for new sales jobs. Go to pharmaceuticals sales jobs for more details.

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