They Are All Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs

#drugs #pharmaceutical #jobs #sales — I got a question from somebody who is interested in pharmaceuticals sales rep jobs while chatting with him on Facebook.  He asked me whether the term or title ‘medical representative’ is the same as ‘pharmaceutical sales rep’.

I told him that in most cases yes and one can certainly tell by the company on the business card.  If the company is a pharmaceutical firm, then the term medical representative certainly implies the company’s pharmaceutical sales representative.

Different companies may use slightly different terms for their sales forces but they all mean the same type of position.  Even I have had a few different title while as a drug representative.  Here are some of the more common titles.

Medical Representative

Medical Territory Manager (actually not a manager but sales rep)

Medical Sales Representative (if company is pharmaceutical)

Drug Representative

Pharmaceutical Representative

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Professional Service Representative

Territory Manager (again, not really a manager)

These are all titles used for drug reps who call mainly on family physicians.  There are other terms for those reps who call on mainly medical specialists and these are a more senior level of pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

Sometimes, large companies with large sales forces divide their people into different divisions by product line.  So one division could be for cardiovascular while another can be gastrointestinal for example.

So I concluded my chat with this fellow on Facebook by suggesting to him that since he’s on Facebook, he should visit my Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook page where he could get access to my free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

This webinar will give a nice background on the field as well as general requirements for pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.  If you are on my blog, you can also get access to the same webinar at the sidebar of this blog.

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