The Reality Of Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Jobs

#medical #sales #jobs #pharmaceutical — Here is a new video that I shot about the reality of pharmaceutical medical sales jobs, particularly for those who want to get into the industry but have never had any type of sales background whatsoever.

I find that many people are want land pharmaceutical medical sales jobs have an inaccurate view about the field. Some folks think that all healthcare sales reps do is going around visiting different medical clinics all day to drop off drug samples and then sometimes update doctors and pharmacists on products.

Although these types of activities are part of the job, there is a lot more involved in this field. You must get a better understanding of the job in order to really determine if this field is for you or not. See the video below.

The main thing I want to get across here is that representatives in healthcare certainly must sell.  These are sales jobs, not pseudo public relations jobs.  You have to sell and in order to keep your job, you must continue to sell.

Sales levels are monitored for each sales territory and data can get so detailed that it’s possible to track sales by postal or zip codes.  Over time, reps are expected to grow sales levels in their territories.

In real life, not every customer, doctor or pharmacist, will be receptive to your products.  Some will in fact hate them.  Some will not even be receptive to you as a sales representative.  So in pharmaceutical medical sales, there can be lots of rejection on a daily basis each working week.

If you get upset easily or cannot handle rejection on a daily basis very well, then pharmaceutical medical sales jobs will not be for you.  You really have to be honest with yourself here.

But if you can handle constant rejection from customers well, then you may have a shot at this exciting and lucrative field.  As a start, take my free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical medical sales jobs to get a better idea of what this field is all about.  Hope you enjoyed the video too.

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