The Internet Does Not Replace Networking For Job Hunting


The Internet Does Not Replace Networking For Job Hunting

If you think that all you have to do in order to land jobs is do a few clicks, better think again!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – August 25, 2008 – Is the internet making it easier for people to find jobs? With all the websites that have job postings and even companies that allow people to apply for positions directly online, it may seem so. But is landing that perfect job just a matter of click, click and click?

According to Clint Cora, a former pharmaceutical industry executive, job seekers are easily falling into the trap of relying too much on the internet. He says, “Online job postings are really an extension of newspaper ads. If you are looking at a job posting online, you can bet that hundreds or even thousands of others are also looking at the same opening. This results in an enormous amount of competition for that position.”

Since it’s so easy to simply do a few clicks on the computer to apply online plus the fact that there are no postage costs, everyone is doing it. However, many individuals who apply for jobs online end up getting nowhere because of the intense competition.

Cora says that in fields like pharmaceutical sales, most applicants who use only online routes soon realize that landing actual positions as drug representatives are a lot tougher than doing a few simple mouse clicks.

He goes on to say, “The computer age unfortunately does not teach people how to network and if you want to go after the majority of job openings which are actually not advertised either in newspapers or online, you have to get out there and do your groundwork … not just push a few buttons on your computer. You can certainly use the internet as part of the overall tools in your job hunt but if that’s all you are using, then you will be disappointed with the results.”

Cora, who is author of a book available at Amazon called “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager”, claims that job hunters need to learn how to network effectively to go after the hidden job market where there is much less competition compared to the advertised positions. He suggests do go after both unadvertised and advertised jobs to access the total market available.

The internet can be a great tool for researching industries and jobs as well as potential leads but one must be very careful not to rely solely on cyberspace to land those jobs. Nothing beats effective networking since getting that perfect job is really a matter of who you know in order to get ahead.

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