The Best Pharmaceutical Recruiter For You

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For those of you who are hoping to get into the pharmaceutical sales field, I happen to know the type of person who will be the best pharmaceutical recruiter.   This type of person has the attention of sales managers, ie., the people who do the actual hiring of drug representatives, better than all other types of recruiting professionals.

This type of person is also the most knowledgeable about the actual job of being a drug rep day in and day out.  This person will also know about openings in the company long before most other recruiters will since they have the inside scoop on things happening out in sales territories of companies.

And finally, this type of person doesn’t depend on placing candidates successfully in order to get paid because he or she is already making good money doing something else.  This is somebody that you will definitely want to get to know and make contacts with if you are serious about getting a position as a drug representative.

Do you know who this best pharmaceutical recruiter is?

No, it isn’t somebody who works for a recruiting agency or headhunter even if it’s one that specializes in healthcare industries.  It’s not the one who advertises in job placement sites and ads.

Instead, the best pharmaceutical recruiter happens to be the existing drug reps who are already working with companies.  The reps have the ears of their sales managers and they know their company’s products the best.  They are doing the job of a drug rep day in and day out.

If you can make contact with such drug reps and if they like you, you would be in the best possible position to get a job with their sales force.  Sales managers listen to their reps a lot more than any recruiter with an agency.  In fact, managers actually prefer to hire through the recommendations of internal people such as their own drug reps because this way, they don’t have to pay commissions to a recruiting agency for placements.

You can bypass the recruiters, the HR departments and get a straight line right to the hiring sales managers if you can get drug reps to refer you to their managers.  I know this because I’ve hired this way before as so have my other sales management colleagues.  Not only do we often get the best possible candidates this way, but the company also saves time and money by not having to advertise publicly to do an official hiring campaign.

So if you want to get the best pharmaceutical recruiter helping you get your first job in pharmaceutical sales, make sure that you get on the good sides of the local drug representatives in your area. To help you do just that, start with my free webinar and then check out my careers programs for this field.

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  • Jenny Choi

    As I already indicated on different sections of Clint’s blog, I had a great experience developing networking upon following Clint’s guidelines. Lesson I learned in the end was that whatever you learn from the initial experience of networking, use that as a tool to help you blossom full length during your next networking source. Because of the industry being even more competitive due to current economy, you may find yourself in a position of networking with a rep whose company is not hiring. Use your judgement in deciding where to shift your focus from there. But by all means, any network you get to develop should be treated as a lottery ticket delivered to your home.

  • I would suggest that all contacts made in the industry are important. Just because a certain company is not presently hiring doesn’t mean that it never will. You never know, companies may open up or that rep may end up going to another company where there are openings. All reps in the industry can be good sources of info. So to limit network to just those contacts who have openings is a bit short sighted.