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Pharmaceutical Job

When I worked for various pharma companies in the capacity of sales and marketing, many of the products we were involved in could be marketed with effective targeting by age group.  For example, the antihypertensive agents or high blood pressure drugs we promoted were usually targeted to doctors who specialize in cardiology, nephrology and geriatrics because these physicians see a lot of patients with hypertension.

We also focused on family physicians who see a large share of older age group patients.  In contrast, physicians who work mainly in walk in clinics and pediatric clinics, do not see many patients with high blood pressure.  So what we were doing was targeting by age since we know that hypertension is commonly a disease with older patients.

Pharma Companies Identify Best Age Groups To Target

Although we do see the odd cases of high blood pressure in children, this condition among pediatrics is rare.  Since hypertension is much more common among seniors, it is much more worthwhile in a pharmaceutical job to concentrate on doctors who see many senior patients.  This is effective targeting.

Each age group can be targeted for certain products and drugs.  The cartoon above really sums up this notion really well in a humourous way.  Toddlers get infections often which is why the antibiotics are common with that age group.

Kids have their ADD issues and somewhere in the other end of the age spectrum are middle agers with their erectile dysfunction requiring Viagra.  These are all targeting by pharma companies.

Pharmaceutical Job Interviews

It is a good topic to talk about during pharmaceutical job interviews.  When speaking with managers from pharma companies, targeting by age is a topic they like to discuss and it will help demonstrate that you know something about the industry.

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