Start Your Summer Networking For Medical Sales Careers

#medical #jobs #sales  — Although some medical sales representatives do go on vacation during summers mainly because it’s a slightly slower season due to customers like physicians going away during this period as well, it is a good time to network with any who might be around for your own future medical sales careers.

I recall that quite often, there was definitely less hectic work day schedules with doctor appointments spread out a bit more so there was more time in between official appointments.  This mean less rushing from appointment to appointment.  Medical sales reps would try to fill in these time gaps by calling on pharmacies and other clinics on a drop in basis.

Since there could be more time available in between appointments with doctors, it might be easier to network with medical sales representatives out there.  They will have more time to sit down with you if you buy them coffee or even lunch.

Just don’t do this if you see them working with their district sales managers since the reps are expected to make customer calls all day.  You may approach such teams just to say hello and perhaps get their business cards but don’t request anything in front of the sales managers since such requests are really for taking time away from sales calls for the reps which the managers might not like.

Contact the representatives later when they are alone.  Then they will likely be more receptive especially when the slower summer season comes around.  So just have some tact about this when you do your networking with medical sales people as you don’t want to get the reps in trouble.  Believe me, getting them in trouble would not be good for your own future medical sales careers.

For much more information on networking in this field, see my medical sales careers webinar.

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