Shaky Starts In Healthcare Sales Or Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs

#pharma #healthcare  —  Sometimes it can be a very shaky start in healthcare sales or pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.  Here’s another real life case from my years in the industry.

Dr. W. was a senior physician who had a huge practice which consisted mainly of elderly patients. So when a new drug which protected elderly patients from stomach ulcers was launched, he quickly put the drug to the test by putting himself and three of his best friends on it since they were all in the same age group that was prone to stomach ulcers.

Unfortunately, this drug was initially launched with a four times per day dosing schedule and at this dosage, a significant percentage of patients experienced a very nasty side effect, namely diarrhea. The next day after taking the drug, Dr. W. and his three buddies went out to play their favorite game which was golf. At the ninth hole, all four men suddenly experienced the diarrhea side effect from taking the drug. Their golf game was certainly cut short.

When a new pharmaceutical sales rep responsible for promoting this drug visited Dr. W., the doctor told the rep that based on his awful experience with the drug, he will never prescribe the product again. This was a major setback for the healthcare sales rep because Dr. W. was potentially one of the most important customers in the entire sales territory due to his mainly senior age patients who were all candidates for the drug. This was not a good way for this rep to start his brand new career in pharmaceutical sales.

Fortunately, Dr. W. did like another one of this rep’s products so the rep wasn’t thrown out of the office. So what this pharmaceutical sales did was to continue supporting Dr. W.’s use of this other drug in order to slowly build up a good business relationship with the physician.

We’ll see in the next blog post how the progress was with this particular rep and Dr. W.  It does show a very interesting side in healthcare sales that the general public certainly doesn’t get to see.

In the meantime, for those interested in this line of healthcare sales, see the webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

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