Saw Medical Rep in Rural Ireland

When I was in Ireland the other week, I was driving through the western countryside and when I passed through one of the many small villages, I saw a Irish medical rep getting out of her car. I knew it was a medical rep since from my many years of being in the industry, I can spot them a mile away. She was nicely dressed and carried the standard industry medical rep detail bag. She was probably going to make a call on a local physician in the village. This reminded me of my first medical sales territory which included lots of small rural towns and villages in addition to the big city. Each town had a few physicians and the smaller ones had only one doctor. They were all on my call list as I drove from town to town.

It’s interesting how the medical reps work in similar ways in different countries. Of course, the challenge for many interested candidates for this type of career is to break into the industry. Check out the Medical Rep website to help you do just that.

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