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Sales Motivational Speaker

As a sales motivational speaker, audiences consisting primarily of pharmaceutical rep sales people always appreciate when I can tweek my talks so that there are important selling skills concepts important for their industry.  This is quite easy for me to do because I was a pharmaceutical rep myself for many years.

I started out as a drug rep and moved onto a senior hospital rep position.  Then I did roles as a sales trainer, product marketing manager and finally a national sales manager with a pharmaceutical rep specialty team reporting to me.

Teaches Others How To Get Pharmaceutical Rep Jobs

This experience of course made me very qualified to teach others who want to get pharmaceutical rep jobs, the best ways to get into the industry.  Of course I do this through my webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs as well as my book and audio programs on the same topic in much more greater detail.

These programs have helped many pharmaceutical rep hopefuls around the world especially where there are very active sales forces in their healthcare markets.  These would be represented by sales forces from big multinational pharma companies as well as smaller specialty companies.

Sales Motivational Speaker For Pharmaceutical Rep Audiences

Now that I’m a sales motivational speaker, audiences have found my talks to be relevant and a perfect fit for their big sales meetings where management must try to pump some much needed motivation in their people for the next selling cycles.

To utilize somebody like myself who has already been a pharmaceutical rep is a wise decision since sales force audience can easily relate to me as I was one of them out in the field for many years.  To get more details on the talks I do, see my Speaking Programs section.

sales motivational speaker pharmaceutical rep

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  • Interesting – I am sure all companies could do with a sales pep talk now and then!