Reviews Of Pharmaceutical Sale Resumes Are Reserved

#sale #jobs #pharmaceutical — Yes, it would be an important thing to do in terms of getting an industry professional to review pharmaceutical sales resumes for those who are interested in getting into the field.  This is particularly true if you could get a pharmaceutical sales manager to review your resume since that would be the type of person who has hired actual drug representatives before.

I sometimes get requests to review people’s resumes out of the blue or just because they have visited one of my websites.  I do appreciate that these people value my opinion on their pharmaceutical sales resumes since I was a former national sales manager in the industry who did the hiring, training and managing of drug representatives.

However, if I extended this service, which it seems people want for free, I would have absolutely no time to do anything else.  So this is why I reserve the time to evaluate resumes for those who want to get a pharmaceutical sales job only if they were readers of my book or audio program ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager’ directly through my pharmaceutical sales website.

If you can see if from my point of view, why would I want to spend my valuable time to review somebody’s resume for free especially if that person was not one of my readers?

So if you are hoping to get a job in pharmaceutical sales and you would like me to review your resume, do the proper thing like my other readers and study the concepts in my book or audio program first.  Take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales as a first step.

My time is valuable and I reserved that time for people who have shown to be serious by investing in the proper resources to further their career.

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