Reviewed Another Medical Sales Resume

Medical Sales Resume

I took a break from production work for a big video project this morning to review another medical sales resume that came in.  A custom evaluation and critique of your medical sales resume is one of the big bonuses that you would get as a reader of my book or audio program ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice And Guidance From A Sales Manager‘.

My book and audio program which helps aspiring pharmaceutical medical sales reps learn about the best ways to get into the industry is a huge resource as I cover all the important aspects of getting a position in this field.  Since I was a hiring sales manager responsible for hiring, training and managing pharmaceutical medical sales reps, I know what I’m looking for in a medical sales resume.

Always Have Medical Sales Resume Reviewed

In fact, since this field is so specialized, I would highly suggest that you have somebody knowledgeable about the industry, whether it be me or another person, review your medical sales resume before you submit it to any company.  Remember, quite often you get only one shot to impress a reviewer enough to call you in for a personal interview.  So play it safe and have another pair of eyes, preferable somebody in the industry, look over your medical sales resume.

Learn as much about the field as possible by reading up on it as well as networking with people already working in the industry.  You want to appear somewhat knowledgeable when you meet potential companies.  A very good start is to take my free webinar on pharmaceutical medical sales careers.  It may leave you with some surprises about the field.

And remember, registered readers of my book or audio program are entitled to a free custom evaluation of your medical sales resume.  This will really help you prepare for your applications to companies.

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