Resume Evaluation for Pharmaceutical Job

Pharmaceutical Job Resume Analysis

I received a long distance call from Australia the other day about possible resume analysis for a pharmaceutical job. One of my readers from Australia had already read my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘ and took advantage of the free resume evaluation by me.

He then put his wife on the phone because she wanted to know if she can also get a resume evaluation for herself. Although she wasn’t pursuing a position in as a pharmaceutical sales rep, she was trying to get into a position in another type of pharmaceutical job within a company.

Wanted Pharmaceutical Job Advice

This woman wanted to get a position in Australia working in the compliance and regulatory affairs department since she has a pharmacy background from her home country. She was impressed with the resume evaluation that her husband got from me and wanted to know if I could do one for her.

I told her that I would consider such a request if she sends it in writing via email. This way, I could get back to her with some sort of fee structure for my time. Originally, she thought that she might have to buy another copy of my book but I told her that would not be necessary since her husband already has the book and much of the structure of the example resumes in there could help her for the pharmaceutical job she wanted.

Since I haven’t offered resume evaluations on their own, I would have to come up with a separate price for this service if she wanted it. I don’t really intent to offer this as a separate service on a regular basis so this would likely be on a per request basis.

All people who are interested in getting a sales position should go through my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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