Pharmacy Rep Medical Sales Job A Stepping Stone

Different Levels For A Medical Sales Job

When one thinks about a medical sales job, the vision of dealing with sophisticated medical equipment in hospitals or clinics or representing pharmaceutical companies in doctors’ offices and pharmacies come to mind.  These can be entry level or advanced level positions.  However, there are certainly different entry levels for a medical sales job that can lead to such more senior positions in the healthcare industry.

One such entry position is the pharmacy rep type of medical sales job.  Most of the mid to large size retail pharmacies require servicing by companies either directly or via third party sales forces calling on such accounts.  Retail pharmacies are often classified into three separate categories depending on their size.

The Pharmacy Rep Sales Force

The pharmacy rep usually calls on one or two ‘A’ rated pharmacies per working day and maybe one or two ‘B’ rated stores which are smaller.  The ‘A’ rated accounts get priority attention since they are the largest pharmacies in the territory with the largest potential of business.

There are ‘C’ rated pharmacies and these small stores will often not even be called on by the pharmacy rep unless there is spare time in the working day after the ‘A’ and ‘B’ accounts have already been taken care of.

The pharmacy rep sales force calls on only retail pharmacies and can represent products from a few different companies at once.  In this type of medical sales job, the pharmacy rep would be dealing with the main buyer on staff at each retail pharmacy and sometimes deal with the pharmacist as well.

Over The Counter Products Medical Sales Job

One thing to point out is that in this type of medical sales job, the products are usually over the counter rather than prescription drugs.  The prescription products are usually the domain of pharmacy reps who also call on doctors and is therefore considered a higher level position.  However, the retail pharmacy rep who deals only in over the counter products can get enough experience that will lead to a medical sales job dealing with prescription products.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: John Pavelka

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