Pharmacutical Sales Job And Housebreaking Dogs

Pharmacutical Sales Job

I remember when I first started out as a pharmaceutical sales rep many years ago and at one of our big sales meetings, our district manager from the Maritimes told me that when he was in the field as a drug rep, he would actually bring his dog with him on the road.  He drove a company minivan and each morning, his dog sort of went to work with him.  Of course his dog didn’t go inside doctors’ office with this rep but stayed inside the minivan while his master did doctor calls.  So his style of housebreaking dogs was a bit unique in a sense that the dog spent most of the day in the vehicle.

Housebreaking Dogs On The Road

Of course, this dog had plently of opportunities to do his business in between calls, maybe even in the lawns of medical clinics.  I never even thought about this option when I was a drug rep as I had two little dogs myself.

Instead, my two dogs would stay home all day.  Sometimes I had early morning appointments with doctors or hospital rounds and sometimes I had appointments at the end of clinic days.  So as a pharmacutical sales drug rep, I could have some long working days away from home.  Most days however, I did get home before rush hour.

Either way, my dogs did not rely on my to rush home to take them out since they were both trained a unique way.  My style of housebreaking dogs involved teaching them to do their business in a specific spot inside the house.  Back then, it was simply newspapers laid out on the floor of a specific room at home.

Nowadays, things can be much cleaner with commercial dog litter boxes available and that’s what my two present dogs use.  With my long experience on housebreaking dogs indoors, I actually wrote a book on training puppies to use a dog litter box (my first published book was on helping people get into pharmaceutical sales jobs.)

If I was a pharmacutical sales rep today, I would have both options available.  Either bring my dogs on the road with me like that guy did in the Maritimes or let them stay at home all day knowing that they would use dog litter boxes.

under a watchful eye
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