Pharmaceutical Vacancies For Drug Reps

Pharmaceutical Vacancies

When searching for pharmaceutical vacancies out there, it is important to realize that these pharmaceutical sales positions, like all other job openings out there, follow the 80:20 rule.  That is, 80% of all available openings out there are not advertised anywhere.  In my estimation as well as many career experts, this figure is probably much higher than 80%.

The remaining 20% or less, would represent the known job openings that you do see advertised whether in newspapers or online job postings.  So if you are looking at only the advertised positions for drug reps out there, you are missing out on the 80% of the available pharmaceutical sales positions, which are the bulk of the opportunities for you.

Research Deeply For Openings For Drug Reps

An effective job hunting campaign for openings as drug reps require a lot of deep research in order to make all, not just advertised, positions known to you.  If you are just going to the ones you see, you are not only missing the boat but you are effectively competing with everyone else who sees those advertised job postings as well.

The net result of applying only to advertised job postings is that you will always be competing with hundreds of other people.  I know this for a fact because when I was in pharmaceutical sales management, we received piles of resumes for any position we advertised for drug reps to join our company.

Pharmaceutical vacancies are out there but you need to find them.  Of course the unadvertised pharmaceutical sales positions are harder to find than the advertised ones but you increase your chances of getting into the industry if you spend the time to look for the so-called ‘hidden market’ of job opportunities.

I have resources to help you do an effective job hunting campaign for pharmaceutical vacancies.  Start with my free 30 minute webinar on careers for drug reps.

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