Pharmaceutical Sales Website Moved To Bluehost

As an effort to provide the best service for our website visitors, I have moved both my pharmaceutical sales jobs website as well as this drug representative careers blog over to a new website hosting service, Bluehost.  Our previous website hosting server was just too inconsistent and had numerous periods of downtime as well as inaccessible support service.

I spent last night migrating everything over to Bluehost and things appear to be working great.  Bluehost has an excellent reputation and great reviews.  In fact, I moved five different websites as well as their blogs over to them last night and it was not painful at all, even for a non-techie like me.

The support service was fantastic as well which is a far cry from our previous hosting service.  Based on the support system as well as the ease of migration of my websites, I would definitely recommend Bluehost as a website hosting service for anybody who is planning to put up a website or is not happy with their current server.

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