Pharmaceutical Sales Training Videos Coming

#pharmaceuticalsales #pharmaceutical  —-  This week’s video on pharmaceutical sales strategy for drug representatives was just the first of several that were shot this week.  The others are being edited and will be put up here on this blog over the next few weeks.  These videos would be great as pharmaceutical sales training information especially for those who are hoping to enter the industry.

They give you a realistic appreciation of some of the actual issues that can happen out there in a sales territory when calling on doctors.  These cases can also give you something to talk about during your job interviews since it will show potential employers that you are not completely ignorant of what really happens in the day to day working life of a drug representative.

Although these videos and blog posts will never replace real pharmaceutical sales training from a trainer in a pharma company, they are still helpful to expose you to the industry.

I will release about 1-2 new videos per week in the next little while so stay tuned.  I hope you will find these pharmaceutical sales training clips informative and entertaining as well as I pulled them from my real life cases during my career.

By the way, for those of you who like being on Facebook, our dedicated page about pharmaceutical sales at that platform is getting popular with Facebook users as it’s a place to interact with other people interested in the industry while remaining on Facebook.

If you are on Facebook and would like to check out this page and interact with others as well as me since I do post there quite regularly, just go to Facebook Pharmaceuticla Sales.  Please hit the Like button too while you are there and let other Facebook users who are also thinking about pharma sales know about the page.

All the pharmaceutical sales training videos being produced will end up on that Facebook page as well so you could watch them while in that program too.

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