Pharmaceutical Sales Training Should Include Motivational Component

Pharmaceutical Sales Training

Many companies in the drug industry will be having their first big sales meetings for 2011 after the New Year.  In addition to recognizing the achievements of 2010 and awarding the top drug representatives for the year, it is very likely that entire sales forces will be going through some pharmaceutical sales training updates.

I’ve attended many such training sessions over the years when I was in the industry.  Some were pretty good sessions while some were actually quite terrible.  I’ve come to see some of the major differences between the good ones and the awful ones.

Good Pharmaceutical Sales Training Involves Motivational

The good training sessions in the past all had additional motivational elements designed into the long days the sales forces have to endure.  The bad sessions are usually just technical information forcing the sales force to study into the night and write tests without any motivational part.

Sometimes as management, we have to remember what it was like when we were all in the field alone all week making our calls to doctors and having nobody else from the company to talk to.  The working life of drug representatives can indeed be lonely and if sales are not doing well, things can be quite demotivating.  Add a brutal sales training session to that, things can get very demotivating.

Best Way To Add Motivational Component

In my fourteen years of pharmaceutical industry experience, the best training sessions have always involved a motivational component and the best way for management to add that in is with an outside motivational speaker.  External speakers add an atmosphere that just can’t be matched with speakers from within the company.

Now many years later, I am in the position to fill in the roles of being an outside motivational speaker for pharmaceutical sales training meetings.  See my other blog post on motivational speakers for pharmaceutical meetings which includes a video where I discuss this in more detail.

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