Pharmaceutical Sales Training Requires You To Be Coachable

#pharmaceutical #sales #jobs  — I recently dealt with this nurse who wanted to become a pharmaceutical sales rep.  This individual has never worked in the business environment before having spent her entire career in the clinical setting.  I spent perhaps half a day formulating a development plan for her to make a successful transition and upon receiving this plan, she reacted by disagreeing with the points I made.

The plan I came up with was based on my 20 plus years in the corporate world of which 14 were in the pharmaceutical sales field.  She has zero experience in business and was disagreeing with pretty well everything I suggested in the plan, even becoming insulting.

The fact is that pharmaceutical sales training and pretty well any field in business for that matter, is very different from the clinical setting.  If one wishes to make that transition for career, pharmaceutical sales training in particular requires you to be coachable.  If you are not coachable, you will not make it into pharma sales or any other business field.

Even after getting hired, companies required their pharma sales reps to work under a certain set of guidelines and follow a development plan.  Sales managers will be very critical of sales calls made during their work days with their reps.  Reps need to be coachable long after their initial hires as well.

If one is not coachable in any training program or any consultative plan, especially given by seasoned experienced trainers in industry, one will not succeed in the new field.  In fact, many companies use the fact that certain people are not coachable as grounds for declining promotions and even job terminations.

So if you want to be in a new field, it is much better to open up and take any developmental or training plan set out for you than to complain.  Being coachable is one of the requirements for transitioning into a new field like pharmaceutical sales.

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