Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program

Pharmaceutical Sales Training

One pharmaceutical company asked me to put together a full day pharmaceutical sales training program for their managers.  They wanted the program to be motivational especially since most of the sales managers are quite new to their positions.

So I’ve put together a full day program that starts with my motivational keynote to get the audience motivated.  I’ll also include my corporate diversity workshop in somewhere during the day as well as the medical field is getting so diverse and any diversity skills training will help out people working in diverse working environments.  Both of these speaking programs, my motivational and diversity programs, are fully described at my Business Motivational Speaker programs.

Pharmaceutical Sales Training Content

Of course, the rest of the day will be more specific pharmaceutical sales content aimed at the sales managers.  I’ll take them throught some techniques to work with their drug representatives in terms of best ways to evaluate and give effective criticism of sales calls without demoralizing the reps.

I will also take the sales managers through a video analysis tool that I used when I was a pharmaceutical sales manager.  I’ll show how this tool can be used during their district meetings as a pharmaceutical sales training tool to help drug representatives improve their calls.

The managers will get to know this video analysis tool well since they are going to be put through it themselves so they will know exactly what it’s like before conducting similar sessions with their drug representatives.

Since managers will have opportunities to do presentations to their drug representatives as well as other management from the company, I’ll also do a session on how to do effective business presentations using effective communications skills.  This session will teach managers how to present well without putting their audience to sleep.

If this type of full day pharmaceutical sales training program would be of interest to your company, please contact me to explore future opportunities to have this program conducted for your managers.

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