Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes CV Reviews Only For Customers

Some folks are trying to get away with getting a free review of their pharmaceutical sales resumes or CV when they didn’t even order any of our pharmaceutical sales books or audio programs. No such free lunch as this benefit is only made available to those who order any of Clint Cora’s books or audio programs directly through our website. Even those who order via other retail outlets like Amazon do not qualify and this is stated very clearly on our pharmaceutical sales website. Names of those who did order directly through our website are filed and we cross reference all resume requests before Clint Cora reviews them.

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  • Good Site! I wanted to ask if I might be able to quote a portion of your web page and use a few items for a school assignment. Please let me know through email whether or not its ok or not. Thanks

  • Go to or and do an article search under my author name Clint Cora. You are free to use any of my articles there as long as you include the author info.

    Clint Cora