Pharmaceutical Reps Should Be Back On Territory

Pharmaceutical Reps Back

I would think that at about this time in the year in March, all of the pharmaceutical reps from the various companies should be back on territory after an initial big sales meeting to start the year.  Traditionally, there is a huge meeting for all of the pharmaceutical reps from companies within the first two months of each year to review sales figures from the last year as well as to have management present all the new exciting marketing plans and campaigns coming up.

There could be some sales training involved to prepare for the implementation of new marketing and sales materials as well as general sales motivation activities to get the sales force all pumped up for a new selling cycle.

By now, they should have all returned back to their respective territories and resumed calling on their doctors and pharmacies.  This means that once again, it will be an ideal time period to try can catch as many pharmaceutical sales reps out there as potential industry contacts for you as possible.

Pharmaceutical Reps Are Important Contacts

This is because pharmaceutical reps are important industry contacts for you if you want to get into the industry someday.  They are relatively easy to find if you know where to look and can easily be approached as initial contacts if you know what you are doing.

Of course, you don’t want to get in their way either so the methodology of where and how you connect with them is important.  If you approach them with the point of just asking them to send your resume to their managers, then you will probably get a cold response.

I cover ways to effectively network within the industry including with the pharmaceutical reps in my book, “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice And Guidance From A Sales Manager”.

In the meantime, you can learn a lot about the job and the industry via my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers.

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