Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Need To Find Important Players

The big lesson from the real life case study discussed over the last two blog posts is that although physicians are the primary customer group to call on for pharmaceutical sales reps, other types of healthcare professionals could be just as important for certain products. It’s a matter of finding out who the important players are for specific drug products.

I was the hospital specialist rep who stumbled upon these cancer clinic nurses in this specific case. It was a real eye opener to see how important nurses can be in the sales of certain pharmaceutical products.

There have been other cases in my career where nurses had positive impacts on sales of drugs in other therapeutic areas as well. Not only in hospital settings like I mentioned in the last post, but also quite often in obstetrics and gynaecology where nurses are often doing assessments with patients.  They routinely recommend products to patients so they have to be kept informed of all developments by pharmaceutical sales reps just like these health professionals were doctors.

An effective job hunting campaign for positions as pharmaceutical sales reps should have the same strategy with respect to finding out who can really help you. You should take the time to find out who the key players are in the pharma industry in your area since these people may have the power to help you get a position.

The most important players are not always the most obvious ones. This is one of the most important topics covered in my ebook and audio book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager“.

Identifying WHO to target in the industry and HOW to gain access to them will put YOU ahead of the rest of your competition vying for the same jobs as you.  My free webinar for aspiring pharmaceutical sales reps goes into this in more detail so do check it out.

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