Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Closing Sales

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Closing Year End

This is the time of year when pharmaceutical sales representatives will be closing the year end in December.  In addition to making their regular calls on doctors and clinics, they will be trying feverishly to get the pharmacies in their sales territories to stock up on their drug products, often enticing them with special deals.

These special deals to pharmacies can be a discount on prices, a longer terms of payment or even both.  The idea is to get the pharmacies to order as much as possible in order to maximize total sales for the year.

Total Year Pharmaceutical Sales Count

These total pharmaceutical sales for the year will usually count towards special contests in the sales force and the top pharmaceutical sales representatives will often win some major prizes including special honors and even incentive trips.

When I was a pharmaceutical sales representative, I missed such an incentive trip by something like half a percent!  I would have had a chance for an all expenses paid vacation for two down to the Caribbean.  Oh well, although I missed that opportunity, I did well enough in my sales territory that I was promoted the next year to a more senior hospital specialist representative position which started my climb in the ranks in the pharmaceutical industry.

December Hard For Networking With Drug Reps

Back to the year end activities.  What all of this implies for those who want to get pharmaceutical sales jobs, December may be a hard month for networking with local pharmaceutical sales representatives.  They will likely be too busy to stop and talk to you for any extended period of time.  However, if you can catch them, you might be able to at least get their business card and follow up with them after the New Year.

Most of the pharmaceutical industry will shut down during the last two weeks of December and the drug reps will be off territory.  You will most likely not be able to catch them during this time.

Educate Yourself For Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

However, the December period, although not a great time for networking, will be a great time for you to educate yourself as much as possible for pharmaceutical sales jobs before you start networking with the drug reps after the New Year.  Get your start by taking my free Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives webinar.

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