Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Salary Higher For Specialist Reps

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Salary

There is an entire article on pharmaceutical sales rep salary so I won’t necessarily repeat all the facts here but the rainy weather during this week reminded me of the more senior position of hospital specialist reps.  In many pharma companies, there are different levels of pharmaceutical sales rep forces.  There is the medical rep who calls mainly on family physicians and then there is the one who calls on mainly specialist doctors.

As you could probably guess, the medical rep who calls on mainly specialist physicians like cardiologists, nephrologists, rheumatologists and so on, have a higher pharmaceutical sales rep salary than their counterparts who call on family physicians.  I’ve seen the average jump of about $10,000 in salary when medical reps are promoted to the specialist position.

More Than Just Higher Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Salary

But to me, the hospital specialist rep position enjoys more than just a higher pharmaceutical sales rep salary.  Notice that I called this position with the word hospital in there.  This is part of some of the other benefits of this more senior position.

These medical reps call on specialist physicians who happen to be based out of hospitals a lot more than say family physicians who generally have independent offices scattered in the territory.  So with specialist doctors, there are many more of them in a smaller area, ie., the hospital.  To call on specialists, the medical rep in these instances generally do not have to travel around as much as the one who calls on family physicians.

During rainy weather, I found this to be quite advantageous when I was a medical rep who worked with the specialists.  Rather than driving around to multiple clinics all day to see family physicians, I could stay put in one or two large hospitals and catch a lot of specialists.

Webinar On Medical Rep Positions

Of course, to get to the hospital specialist position, one would have to excel in the medical rep position calling on family physicians first.  To get a good background on what this entry level position is all about as well as the qualifications required, see my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep careers.

To see details on my presentations available for pharma companies, see my article on sales motivation.

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