Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Did Clinical Trial

When You Become A Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

You learn about clinical trials when you become a pharmaceutical sales rep.  Around here in the Toronto area, we always hear radio ads about these labs that pay volunteers for clinical trial testing of new drugs.  We sometimes see them in the newspapers as well.  I never participated in one but I know of at least one pharmaceutical sales rep who did do a weekend at one of these clinical trials.

She told me that the staff at the clinical trials test site were very professional with nurses and lab techs on hand to make sure every volunteer is comfortable and monitored for any side effects from the new drugs.  She got paid something like $800 for her time as well.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Felt Like Pin Cushion

The only thing that I really didn’t like in terms of the feedback this pharmaceutical sales rep told me was the regular blood samples they had to take from each volunteer.  In fact, she said that she felt like a pin cushion after awhile after her arm was poked numerous times.

This alone would stop me from ever participating in such clinical trials since in addition to not liking blood samples tests, I also have thalassemia minor which makes me slightly anemic in the first place.  It’s incredible even with this condition that I was able to have a martial arts competition and now sports motivational speaker career.  I don’t need to lose any blood if at all possible.

Part Of Training When You Become A Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

The topic of clinical trials will be covered in detail as part of sales training when you become a pharmaceutical sales rep.  Not only will this be in initial training for new drug reps, but there will be on-going training on promoted products with new data from clinical trials.

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