Former Pharmaceutical Sales Executive Launches Rent To Own Canada Program

Rent To Own Canada

As a former pharmaceutical sales executive, it might be odd that I would expand again in territory that might seem unrelated to pharma. But in many ways, there can be some overlap.  The latest area I’ve expanded into is a rent to own Canada program.

What this program basically does is to help those with poor credit or even no credit, become homeowners.  Many new pharmaceutical sales representatives may fit into this category.  They haven’t established good enough credit to qualify for conventional mortgage financing yet.

Some are so early in their pharmaceutical sales careers, they might not have saved up enough for a down payment required by the banks.  So this is where rent to own programs will come in.

Rent To Own Programs Help People Become Homeowners

A brand new website on rent to own programs has just been launched (but not fully completed yet).  This new site will introduce everyone to the concept of rent to own.  There is a huge information section already up on this site and the only other additional element that needs to be added is a video.

But the new website so far has enough information already to give people a good idea of the rent to own Canada program that is now available to help renters become homeowners.  The program, as the name suggests, is only available for Canadian residents at this time.

The combination of a career like pharmaceutical sales and becoming a homeowner to build equity through time will certainly help secure a good financial future.  This is exactly what I did over the years.

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