Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiters Want Proven Selling Abilities

#sales #jobs  — I often get asked about pharmaceutical sales recruiters whether they can help you get drug representative positions, especially by people who have had zero sales experience.  The fact is that recruiters make their money by successfully placing candidates in companies and to maximize the chances of doing this, they want people with proven selling abilities.

If you have had very little previous sales experience, chances of pharmaceutical sales recruiters taking you very seriously are next to nothing.  Now having said that, if a recruiter is willing to interview you, you might as well go along with it to get the interviewing experience but just don’t get your hopes up too high in that recruiter actually landing you a job as a drug representative.

If your sales background is pretty well non-existent, you should go through other channels via networking to get to the hiring companies instead of going through recruiters.

One thing that people from clinical backgrounds and other fields where there wasn’t much selling involved should be aware of is that pharmaceutical sales does involve selling.  You have to be able to sell in this type of career.

Pharmaceutical sales is very competitive with different companies promoting their products to physicians and other healthcare professionals.  As a drug representative, you have to bring in the sales numbers for your company.  It’s part of the job (actually, it’s the main part of the job).

Pharmaceutical sales is not just about dropping off drug samples to different clinics and doctors offices all day.  You have to sell your product in terms of getting doctors to use your products on their patients.  This doesn’t happen just automatically because again, there is a lot of market competition out there.

This type of market competition is not really seen in the public eye and newcomers in the industry are often very surprised on just how competitive the industry can be.  So if you don’t have proven selling abilities, don’t count on pharmaceutical sales recruiters to get you that job.  Instead, take the time to learn other routes to get you to that career you want in this field.  One excellent way to start is through my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales.

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